RePublic Charter Schools


RePublic is a network of free, open enrollment, public charter schools in Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi. Their mission is to redefine public education in the south, and to make their students competitive after graduation by focusing on a rigorous computer-science and coding- focused platform.


The Homepage

In order to best tell this story, the homepage became our primary platform. We worked with the client to develop a content strategy that initially presents the user with the dire facts, but then quickly moves into how RePublic is making improvements, ultimately providing methods of taking action (enrollment, donations, and a call for passionate teachers). 


Encouraging Change

During our own research and our interviews with the client, we discovered some really painful and staggering stats. Students in the south, particularly those of color, face nearly insurmountable odds upon graduating from high school. Nearly 90% are unprepared for college, and even the 10% that are prepared face a demand for tech jobs upon graduating for which they do not receive any training during high school. We made it our job to highlight this complex and troubling issue in order to inspire action, increase visibility, and drive enrollment and donations.