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first things first

There’s no such thing as a perfect template.

Actually, it’s kind of an oxymoron. If there was a perfect template for you and your business, it means there would be thousands of other businesses out there exactly like yours. Squarespace designs templates to be good for thousands of businesses — not perfect for one.


That doesn’t mean it isn’t the right fit

Just because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all website doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Squarepace site. In fact, we are huge fans of Squarespace – it’s just a matter of making the right site for you.

Squarespace in a round hole

Chances are, you didn’t base your business model off a template. You have a unique brand identity, values, customers, and goals. In fact, it’s what makes you who you are, and differentiates you from others.

Where things get tricky

While plugging some content into one of their templates can look nice on the surface, it’s hard to create an experience that’s truly suited to the pillars of your business. Of course, it is important that your site looks great – but it has to work for your business, too.

Screenshot 2018-04-02 15.51.19.png

Happy Clients


Made for Masses are like Dom Toretto and his Fast and Furious crew. When you work with them, you are working with family and they will do whatever you need to make you happy or to break you out of prison, if you were wrongly convicted, regardless of what a court of law says. All this to say, they make great intuitive website designs that age well and always look great on any device.

— Paul Scheer, Comedian


Working with the team at Made for Masses is always a ton of fun! They are responsive, open to new ideas and eager to try and solve creative problems as they arise. The team is incredibly collaborative and on the ball...plus, they're just great people. As a designer, I really appreciate working with a group that not only has the capability to develop a beautiful site for my clients, but also understands the smaller details and finesse that go into bringing a design to life across multiple devices. I trust them completely!

— Julie DeWalt, Owner, Gather Co.


Working with Made for Masses was a true pleasure. Their focus and work ethic and aesthetic sensibilities were key in helping me design what is clearly the greatest website on the internet. They get back to you right away and are masters at coming up with multiple creative solutions to whatever web conundrum you may be facing. I give them the highest recommendation possible.

— The Gornack Star Of Recommending (Duncan Trussell)


Made for Masses were all we could have hoped for when redesigning our site. Highly organized, extremely punctual, and unfailingly efficient, the project was completed on time and above expectations. The team is a pleasure to deal with and was always extremely generous with their time. I cannot recommend working with them more strongly.

— Brendan Mcdonald, Producer WTF Podcast




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