CXO Communications


CXO is an industry-leading brand strategy and communications firm, known for their work in consulting big businesses on high-stakes initiatives, transitions, and in identifying market opportunities. We teamed up with them to rethink their digital presence and how CXO positions themselves externally.

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Our Approach

In our Pilot sessions with CXO, one of the biggest takeaways about their work was that their thinking is their most valuable asset. Their project deliverables are usually in the form of strategic insight rather than visual assets. In light of this, we had to think about the site in a way that really highlighted their thinking and brought their words to life. Throughout the site, we applied an editorial approach to create a rich typographic system.

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10 minutes on us

Because CXO isn’t a traditional consulting firm, we didn’t want the experience of using the site to feel traditional, either. Taking something as simple as a contact form and rethinking it to showcase their biggest asset—thinking—allowed us to create value in places where it is least expected.