Phase 1

The BluePrint

Before starting any project, we've found that doing the right research and planning helps ensure that the project is successful. Our process begins with a "BluePrint" phase as a way to better understand the goals of your new website and how we can craft a strategy that reaches those goals as effectively and accurately as possible.

After an initial Discovery Session together, we'll create a clear and concise BluePrint Report that will lay out our findings, insights, and strategies for completing the project as efficiently and accurately as possible. 


What's included in the BluePrint?

  • Goals + Objectives
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Insights + Findings
  • Core Ideas
  • Proposed Squarespace Template
  • Sitemap
  • Content Outline
  • Process
  • Proposed Budget


We'll personally walk you through the report and present the recommended Squarespace template to you and your team.

From here, there's no obligation — we can build the entire website, or if you're the DIY type, we can create only the pages you need, so you can to take the wheel. 

This has proven to be an invaluable step in the process and only costs a flat fee of $800. If we move forward with the next phase, the fee will be applied to the full budget. 


Phase 2


Content Wrangling

We ask to have all content in hand before we start the build process. Need help creating or writing the content? We can help!

Round 01

With content in hand, we can dive right in. Squarespace allows us to design and develop simultaneously, so the first thing you'll see is a working website. For Round 1, we'll create the Homepage and an interior page for you to review.

Round 02

We'll make any tweaks based on the initial review then build and send the entire website. This is your chance to give us all feedback from your team on every page.

Wrap Up

We'll make Round 2 tweaks and ask for final feedback. Once the final adjustments have been made, we'll also double check the site on modern browsers and devices. 


Our team will point your custom domain to the Squarespace site and officially make the website live.


We'll provide custom training videos for each page on your new website for you to keep and refer back to down the road.


Let's get started.