Frequently Asked Questions


Will my site look like a template?

The beautiful templates of Squarespace are a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s easy to make your site look terrific, but it’s also easy for your site to look like everyone else’s. When you utilize the full potential of a tool like Wordpress or Squarespace, the templates can have the look and feel of a more custom site and stand out from the rest.

We work with you to ensure your content and design stand out, fit your brand, and speak to your audience. We pride ourselves in our ability to create sites on Wordpress and Squarespace that aren’t immediately recognized as such. There’s so many ways to add custom code to change the visuals or functionality of a site. Although these tools may be made for the masses, your site can still become uniquely yours.


In a perfect world, we prefer to conduct our Pilot phase to uncover goals and details before quoting, but we understand that you may just want some ballpark ranges. Our websites generally range from $10–40k depending on goals, content, functionality, style, and timeline. On the lower end, we generally use an existing template with minor customizations, on the higher end we can create a fully custom website experience from scratch. We can determine the best approach together during our Pilot phase.

WHY DON’t you estimate up front?

We believe that the traditional proposal method is flawed. We get that it’s a pretty big deal to sign a months-long contract, worth several thousand dollars, with a team you’ve only just met. Plus, at the very start, there can still be unknowns that may affect the scope of your project.

Our Pilot phase is a standalone engagement, requiring no further commitment from either party. It gives us both the chance to get to know each other, work together, and make sure the scope of the project makes sense.

Why would I pay UP FRONT for strategy?

As they say, strategy is everything. You’ve got to know the direction to set out on before taking a new path, otherwise, you’re sure to end up lost. At Made for Masses, we build a roadmap to identify the true objectives of your project and ensure you reach them. We’ve coined this roadmap our “Pilot,” and we believe it’s the most important step in your website building journey.

After years of overseeing development of websites of all shapes and sizes, we’ve designed and refined our unique Made for Masses Pilot phase. The Pilot provides the direction of your web project from start to finish. It supercharges our understanding of how your business works, your goals, and how you define success.

What happens during the Pilot?

Simply put, the Pilot lifts your project off the ground. The Pilot phase uncovers and defines the timeline, requirements, and goals of your project. We’re able to fast-track our understanding of your business and goals, saving time and allowing us to make truly informed recommendations through an actionable strategy.

If you’re simply weighing options, we can always give you a rough idea of what range your project may fall within, and then nail down details later in the Pilot phase. 

What’s included in the Pilot?

After we review your Pilot worksheet, the Made for Masses team conducts more research and compiles a recommended strategy into a Pilot Report. At the end of the Pilot, you’ll receive a comprehensive document that gives you everything you need to get the project started, including further research, core strategic insights, development strategy, milestones, deliverables, budget, and any other domains that are important to the success of the project. 

Do you offer identity design services?

Absolutely! We have just as much experience creating brand identity systems as we do building websites, and we actually prefer to help design the full package. When one team is involved from the ground up, your brand system is more likely to stay consistent and cohesive. We help uncover your needs, whether it’s a brand launch or just a refresh. Logos, business cards, presentations, email templates, mailers, apparel, a website – you name it, we offer it.

Can you help us write copy?

Yes! If you need help writing copy from scratch, we have expert copywriters on hand that can get it done for you. Or, if you just need help with a couple tweaks here and there, we can do that, too.

In most cases, we’ll go through an information architecture phase – aka, creating wireframes for each page on the site. This helps determine the right hierarchy, flow and length of copy throughout the website. 

How long until my site will be live?

It depends on the complexity of your content and the design of your site. On average, though, most projects take about 3 months from kick off to launch. We’ve been able to launch simple websites in as little as 3 weeks, while more complex projects can take up to a year. Content preparation, communication, and bug fixes can impact the timeline.

From the get-go, we do our best to make sure there’s a timeline and each party is kept up to date as progress is made. We want to be on the same page as you, so we use a tool called Asana to stay on track with to-do’s, deadlines, and file sharing. Transparency is important to us, and that’s why we use Asana to ensure everyone can find everything at any time.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance?

Yes! We’ll train you to take the wheel and manage your site’s content, but there might be design or functional changes down the road that you might want us to handle. We do that, too. For our clients, we’re in it for the long haul. We’re available to help with any changes, refreshes, or facelifts down the road. Give us a heads-up or schedule a quarterly check-in to make sure your site is doing exactly what it should. 

Who or what is Studio Rubric?

Studio Rubric is the parent company of Made for Masses. We’re made up of the same people, but the offering, process and audiences are different. Made for Masses exists solely to create brand identities and websites, while Rubric designs digital products and apps. Since the audience and methodologies differ so much, we thought it was best to present them as different brands or “sister brands” within the Rubric umbrella. Need help with UX or UI for your product? Send us an email.