Cut through the fog and build the right website—the first time.


Meet the BluePrint.

What’s the first step in building your business's website? If you only have a foggy idea of what you want your online presence to look like, the answer is strategy.

Made for Masses wants to help you mold that foggy idea into a fully-fledged plan for your future website. We call this the Blueprint, and we believe that it’s the most important step in your website building journey.

Online platforms like Squarespace can make it very tempting to jump right into choosing a template and playing with color schemes. Fair warning—this often forces people to start over once they figure out what their site really needs. As important as it is to have a beautiful site, it’s equally important to make a plan first.


Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start:

  • What are the goals of your site? 

  • What are the must have's and nice-to-haves?

  • Do you need a template with a specific kind of gallery or e-commerce option?

  • What do your competitor's sites look like?


Answering these questions early can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Unfortunately, the strategy phase often gets skipped. That’s why we decided to break it out into a flat rate option for our clients. So, whether you choose to have us build your site, or you want to do it yourself, we can create a clear path forward before the build even starts. It gets everyone on the same page, and is proven to be an invaluable step in building your perfect website. There’s no trial and error when you know what you need before you start.

To find out more about the Blueprint, check out our process or shoot us an email.


InsightTina Mullen