STEP 01.




Before starting any project, we've found that doing the right research and planning helps ensure that the project is successful. Our process begins with a "BluePrint" phase as a way to better understand the goals of your new website and how we can craft a strategy that reaches those goals as effectively and accurately as possible.

This has proven to be an invaluable step in the process and only costs a flat fee of $600. Once you have the BluePrint in hand, the next step would be for our team to build the website, or simply get you started to build it yourself.

It's important to us that we are not just making a website, but making the right website.

After an initial discovery session together, we'll create a clear and concise BluePrint Report that will lay out our findings, insights, and strategy for completing the project as efficiently and accurately as possible. 

What's included

  • General Goals + Insights
  • Website Sitemap
  • Content Outline
  • Basic Competitive Analysis
  • Functionality + Development Ideas
  • Design + Style References
  • Recommended Squarespace Template
  • SEO + Marketing Best Practices
  • Estimated Build Budget
  • Next Steps

After we deliver the BluePrint Report, we'll personally walk you through our ideas within the document and present the recommended Squarespace template to you and your team. 

From here, our team can build the website from start to finish, or just build the pages you need to take the wheel. Either way, this process includes two rounds of revisions.

*Our projects range between $3–6k and generally take 2–3 months from start to finish*

Step 02.



We generally ask for 100% of all content before we start the build.

Round one

This includes the Homepage and one interior page for your team to review and provide design feedback.

Round two

This includes all remaining pages for a final round of feedback.


We'll make any minor adjustments and ensure the site works across modern browsers and devices. 


Our team will point your domain to the new Squarespace site.


We'll provide custom-made training videos for each page on your new website.